Some Profitable & Interesting Cases

Medicare sales are at an all time high, and we want to help you cash in on it by offering Medicare health insurance services to your clients and prospects. It is amazing what great cases we have seen from advisers that simply asked a couple of questions—then we helped them make the sale.

It's all about asking; Who do you know that's turning 65 this year?

When do you become Medicare eligible?   Are your parents/siblings/cousins enjoying their Medicare benefits?   How’s your own Medicare plan?   What would you do to improve it…for yourself…for others?  

Here are some examples of cases that turned out to be very profitable for me, just because a question was asked:

Number 1: I simply said, "Tell me about your retirement?". My ‘question’ was only about what they were going to DO in retirement, nothing financial. The gentlemen left the room and came back with a statement and said "I'm losing money in my 401k and I don't know what to do".  I ended up selling 3 annuities, with $154,000 in premium.
Number 2: My tax man gave my card to one of his clients who needed Medicare help. They saw the word “Annuities” on my card and she was thrilled that I could help her with Annuities as well. Greg and I designed and developed a safe money plan that grows with inflation benefits built-in with a total of $1.6 million. All because of a Medicare need.
Number 3: I was referred by a Medicare client to some friends that own a ranch with over 200 head of prime quarter-horses. After I was done with their Medicare Supplements I simply asked this question, “Who's your financial advisor?” They answered that they didn’t have one, and were looking for one. Timing? Maybe. But, it started with Medicare.

During all client conversations I quickly point out in the beginning that Medicare is only one out of eight things we do for Retirement Protection. They always ask what the other seven are. It's that simple

Please give me a call to find out:

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

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