40 years ago when my wife and I had our first child, my Mom did something surprising, something that a new Life Insurance agent was happy to hear as well.

My Mom said that she wanted to buy Life Insurance for her first Grandson for his ability to build savings for college or a home purchase. Future thinker Grandma!  It was a simple 25,000 whole life from Guardian and guess what it did? It helped my son buy his first house for the down payment. Grandma did the same thing for the next 7 Grandkids and they of course all benefited from it. Can you imagine a compounded interest rate plus all those years!

Here’s the focus on this story.

When I became a Grandparent, I purchased Life Insurance for all 6 Grandkids, the parents and now, would you believe this, their grandkids.

Flash forward and we became Grandparents again when my son and his new wife adopted new born twins.

I purchased life insurance for the twins and the new wife asks why. I explain and show some conservative illustrations for the twins’ future values. She gets excited and says, “what about me and my son and his kids and his wife as well?” It now no longer becomes a death benefit, but a great way to save for these young and healthy people.

Now my son, who is a wonderful people person, starts sharing these ideas with his buddies. I was then “asked” to write life on one of his friends along with his wife and their two daughters. Then another friend asks if I can help with an old 401k and then that turns into a life policy for him and his 2 kids. Another friend who has inherited a large sum of money wants to sit down as well, for his kid’s policies, not his! Wink, wink.

All this to say is that my favorite life customers are kids because they lead to generational referrals. Referrals are either going down from Grandparents or going up from Grandkids. You can’t get a warmer referral than these!

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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