Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) runs every year from Oct. 15th to Dec. 7th. It is when Medicare recipients can begin, change, or stop certain coverage on their Medicare Health coverage.

After this annual window of freedom they are “locked in” until the next AEP.  The lock in helps controls the cost by restricting seniors from changing multiple times throughout the year, as was done up until 2013. But, there are some exceptions that allow change outside of the AEP window.

So when you start to see A LOT of Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement TV commercials this time of year, each year, it is the insurance carrier’s opportunity to market their products to all the millions of U.S. seniors. An astounding 250,000 people turn 65 each month! And, carriers spend millions each year in advertising to gain market share.  This means people see the commercials, and then have questions that YOU can help answer.  This leads to the easiest sales you will ever make.  Why? Because Medicare Advantage plans ARE FREE to the client, but pay you a decent commission…that pays every year…FOR LIFE!

What has this have to do with the Annuity and Life Insurance sales? Everything! Medicare subscribers have other retirement problems regarding market risk, taxes, outliving their assets, probate protection, long term care coverage…all of which YOU can help them with. TWH helps advisers see Medicare as an opportunity to add more clients to their business, along with repeat sales and referrals.

Interested? We will be happy to share our lead systems, marketing and sales training, and connect you with all of the Medicare resources you could ever need. Don’t let these sales pass you by another day.

Call me and we can talk further.

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

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