We have speed bumps in our mind about talking to our clients about Long Term Care.

Everybody says it’s difficult, hard to close and we get tired about the “think it over” objections we hear over and over. May I offer a small twist to this challenge we face in selling LTC?

Don’t open the conversation about LTC with facts and figures.

Webinars and face to face seminars ALL about who, what, where and whys about LTC and honestly it bores me silly. It’ll never happen to me and that only happens to the other families, not mine. Can you relate?

Tell A True Story About a Family Struggling Caring For Mom.

They are everywhere if you don’t have one yourself. A story sells the solution by painting the problem in your clients mind. The percentages of how many of us need LTC after the age of whatever never really sells a policy. If you don’t have your own story, use one from friends, relatives, or clients. Sadly, you will not have to look far to find a heartbreaking story.  This will humanize the idea of LTC and make the conversation about caring for Mom and Dad in the best possible way.

Start with the “all of a sudden” fear that Mom is forgetting, falling, and losing her faculties.

Now what? Tell the story in talking to your siblings, other family members, does she need home care, who is available to come watch her, how many days, can anyone take Mom in, is she ready? Can you take off work, Oh my God, a rest home costs THIS MUCH A MONTH? Who’s her insurance agent? Does she have a Long Term Policy? Sometimes it’s worse than Mom dying in finding out there’s no other support outside of their own finances. Be the advisor who tells a story that makes an impact. They’ll be glad you did!

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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