Most people really fail because they can’t do something. Really?

 It’s not a fail if I can’t hit a 95 MPH slider from the current Cy Young winner. I just can’t do it. I’m talking about normal every day work tasks that people fail at because they aren’t willing to do what it takes to succeed. They aren’t willing to discipline themselves. How many times have we heard that mantra? It’s true, we would all be a lot richer, healthier, and reaching our goals if we were much more self-disciplined. 

Back To the Basics

According to a study done by some high I.Q. professors, these are the top reasons sales people fail:

1) Poor listening skills

2) A lack of sufficient effort

3) Inability to determine customer needs

4) Lack of planning for sales presentations

5) Inadequate product/service knowledge

6) Failure to concentrate on top priorities

The man in the mirror is responsible for all my successes, and failures.

Ultimately, no one else is to blame. The man in the mirror is responsible for all my successes, and failures. So, let’s get back to focusing on the positive actions we can take to make more successes happen.  And, what about a new year’s resolution to be a bit more self-disciplined? 

 Self-discipline is the fundamental attribute of all successful people.

 1. It allows you to take action even when you don’t want to. 

 2. It gives you focus on time and energy on what Must be done NOW, without procrastinating.

 3. It gives you strength to pass up a little pleasure now in exchange for what is important later. 

 4. In sales, self-discipline is what separates the great from the mediocre. How about you?  

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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