A lot of our advisors are already on Medicare.

You know who you are. Most advisers follow the  mandatory schedule in getting on Medicare when we become 65—because you have to. And to be honest, most of us don’t really understand it, what it does and how it pays. (What does MAPD stand for BTW?) But, most advisers never make the move to actually sell Medicare plans.

Most of us had somebody else sell a Medicare plan to us, and we let the commission go to someone else because we didn’t understand Medicare or just “didn’t have time”.

Too busy to fool around with initial commission of only $600, and lifetime renewals of $300 per year

Since every birthday/AEP gives some opportunity to help somebody on their Medicare plan, you might as well mention it because seniors are always looking to improve benefits and especially if there’s no premium or a cost reduction.

We can teach all that’s needed to help you sell a few plans that can fit anybody’s needs. A few training steps and all of a sudden you’re opening doors with Medicare and then talking about protecting their retirement.

25 renewal cases a year pays $7500 a year. 50 = $15,000, 100 = $30,000 and so on. Before I reached 25 cases I wrote 5 annuities by simply asking the right questions. Call me and I’ll tell you what they are and how easy it is!

Come join our Medicare team and explore another built in marketing system that is already in your back pocket.

You’ll be glad you did!

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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