Do My Clients Know My Face or Sound of My Voice?

Another way of seeing this, if your clients saw you at an event or restaurant, would they recognize you? How often have you met your clients on the street, and YOU don’t recognize them, but they you? Ouch. Take pictures of your clients and upload them in your client files. It is a good idea! BTW, call your own phone number, your message might need updating 😊. Reconnect with those Annual Statement Reviews! Another sale happens 30% of the time when you do annual reviews.

How good is your website?

Go online and try your own website. Visit each page. Use the “contact us” process. Can your clients/prospects find information easily? Have a trusted client visit your Web page and get a truthful opinion.

What does a client feel when working with you in person?

Video yourself in a client meeting. What is your posture? How useful OR distracting are your hand motions? Do you (as I used to catch myself) go on a rabbit tale and lose sale momentum? Do you look them in their eyes, too much or not enough? Practice reviewing documents upside down. Does your “closing” technique need some work? Be brave and do this, you could be surprised either way!

Happy Memorial Day!

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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