The time to change your Medicare plan will be over by December 7th.

This 45 day yearly period of enrollment opportunity is also one of the best times to talk to
seniors about retirement safety.

Here’s why:

Medicare coverage is about guarantees and planning for the future — Just like annuities.

I have been in Medicare marketing and sales for over 3 decades. When I came on board to TWH almost 10 years ago, I quickly realized that Medicare and Annuities go hand in glove. When I help a client with Medicare, I always say the magic phrase “Medicare is one of the 8 other things I help folks with in retirement”. It’s a wonderful conversation starter. They always ask what the other things you do are.

Now, how do you, as a non‐Medicare sales agent start that conversation? Easy.

Ask any senior if they have made any changes in their Medicare plan and why. What guarantees did the new one offer? What features made you want to make the switch? No changes? Why? What made you “stick” with your current plan? All you’re doing is making a friend, building a relationship by showing interest about their own Medicare experience. And, you are setting the stage to talk about other guarantees and planning tools.

“It’s great to know your health plans are all set. By the way, how are your annuities doing?”

Try it. Make it part of the conversation and it could be a fun way to start another topic talking to a complete stranger,
a golf partner, a person at a Christmas gathering or even a relative! You never know until you ask.


800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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