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Your Dream Client Wants You to Be Two Steps Ahead Of Them. 

I received a phone call today from an old broker friend, who happens to be a captive agent in one of the big five insurance companies who rarely sells annuities. He told me that he needs to annuitize his company annuity since he’s turning 80 in June. After a few minutes of explaining his options we picked one that would be appropriate for his needs, or so he thought? I told him I had a few more questions for him and a few more ideas to discuss as well

Good Sales people diagnose before they prescribe.

I asked Bill several questions about his entire retirement and estate plan. Does he have a living trust? Yes. How old is it? Over 25 years. Has it been reviewed in the last 5 years? No. Does your daughter still have special needs? Yes. Our conversation helped Bill see that there was a giant hole in the middle of his estate plan, and that needed to be the first priority.

When I meet with clients, I never hear, “Help Us Diagnose Our Problem”.

What they usually say is “look, we don’t know what we don’t know. You are on the outside; you see what other clients are doing. What should I do next?” What was needed next was for Bill to update his living trust, and I helped him discover that by asking about his entire retirement plan, not just the one asset he was focused on.

My Customers want me to provide them with new ideas.

So our discussion in how to distribute the money came to a halt. I suggested he go back to his Estate Attorney and talk about a special needs Trust.  When that was taken care of, then the annuity was purchased and Bill even made full commission on his own business. 

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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