5 Reasons to Sell Medicare Supplements 

#1 Nationwide Network

Every Medigap plan is required to contract with the same doctors, regardless which plan or carrier you enroll in. Any doctor or facility in the nation that accepts ‘Medicare Assignment’ will work with your policy. This robust nationwide network is searchable online on Medicare’s website

#2 Low Out of Pocket Expenses

If you qualified for Medicare before 2020, you can apply for the Plan F which has no out of pocket expenses for approved Medicare services. Plan G has limited out of pocket expenses. Your annual out of pocket costs will be limited to your Part B Deductible. In 2018 the deductible was $183. 

#3 Customized Drug Coverage

Every year, you can change your drug plan based on your needs. You can enroll in drug coverage with any carrier that offers a Part D plan where you live. You can apply for these plans during the Annual Enrollment Period. The Annual Enrollment Period starts on 10/15 and ends on 12/7 for coverage starting 1/1. Part D drug plans do not ask health questions.

Unlike Part C Medicare Advantage Plans, you can choose a plan based on your needs. Part C Medicare Advantage Plans offer drug coverage, but you cannot modify the drug plan within the policy. 

#4 No HMO

Medigap plans do not require you to elect a Primary Care Physician. Furthermore, Medicare Supplement plans do not require you to get a referral before seeking medical care with a Specialist.

#5 Regulated Benefits

Every insurance carrier must offer the same plans. This regulated structure protects consumers and helps keep the insurance shopping process simple for applicants.

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~ John Roberts

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