Help Your Clients See You as a Retirement Planner

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Most advisers tend to focus their work toward selling one particular asset or strategy.  Let’s use annuities, as an example.

Many annuity advisers spend most of their time working to find people who might be in the market for an annuity.  These potential clients have considerable liquid investible assets, who are looking for growth without risk.  Once found, the adviser helps the potential client understand the great benefits annuities offer to meet—and even surpass—their goals for their safe retirement funds.  And, once the annuity sale is made, the adviser moves on to looking for the next potential annuity buyer.  

This is where tremendous opportunity is lost—and a tremendous amount of additional revenue to the adviser.

Once the annuity sale is made, take the time to explain to your new clients that there are many other aspects of financial retirement that you can help with…

  1. Making sure they have enough lifetime income
  2. Structuring asset growth and income around taxes
  3. Assuring they have adequate medical coverage
  4. Creating a plan for Long Term Care needs
  5. Placing the right type and amount of life insurance
  6. Planning for passing on assets to their heirs
  7. Protecting their assets from loss caused by probate

All of these are areas of concern that many clients need assistance with and want someone they can trust to help explore options and create plans.  Since you have already established trust by selling them an annuity, they will very easily accept guidance and planning for these other financial needs.

But most annuity advisers do not explore any of these additional topics because they are not experts in those areas.  So, they simply move on to the next potential annuity buyer and let other advisers’ step in to make all of the sales involved in the other areas.

We can help change this!

We have the experience to help you help your clients in all of these areas—and more!

Because we work with all different types of advisers—who specialize in all different areas of financial retirement planning—we can quickly help you offer more services to help your clients and potential clients.

Just imagine how much more income you could create if you were able to sell multiple strategies to clients.  And, you don’t even have to do any additional hunting for clients. It’s as simple as saying something like this to a client who just bought an annuity from you…

“Now that we have protected your assets from market losses, what other areas of financial retirement planning are you concerned about?”  

And if they say they don’t have any other concerns, you simply say…

“Let me show you some things I’ve helped other clients do.”

For more tips give us a call.

~ Greg Skogsberg


Click here for a short video about this month's issue

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