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The biggest problem with leads systems is the quality of the response you get when following up on a lead.  You get a phone number for someone who supposedly wants to talk with an adviser about how an annuity could improve their financial planning, but the person you call seems to have no memory of ever talking with anyone about annuities—let alone asking to have someone call them.

Well, here is a leads system that doesn’t work like any other you have ever seen…and the prospects actually look forward to hearing from you.  No more worrying about what sort of response you get.  And, we give you the tools you will need to do all of the follow ups.

These leads are for people in your area that already own annuities that are several years old, and are currently earning much less interest than the annuities offered by carriers today.  You simply send out an offer to them asking if they would like to see how their existing annuity compares to annuities currently available.  They can reply by calling, email, or by going to a dedicated website that we create exclusively for you.  And, there is no competition for these leads, because only you get access to the people who reply—unlike some other leads systems that end up selling the same leads to a dozen different advisers.

These leads are 100% exclusively yours.

When people reply with a request to compare their annuity to a new one, we give you an easy-to-read rate comparison report that shows how much more they could be earning if they moved to a new annuity. One simple report works for every lead in your area, so you don’t have to create a custom response for every lead.

Give me a call to find out how many leads are in your area.  Oh, and once you lock down your area, no other adviser can work it.  714-283-9196 (direct line)

And, here is a recorded webinar about the leads system:

Help More Clients With A Simple Income Plan…WITHOUT An Income Rider

Have you tried our proprietary retirement income balancing calculator?  We call it “Perfectly Balanced Retirement”, and it was built by us exclusively for TWH advisers.  Here is an image of how simple this tool is…

This simple strategic planning tool will help you show clients how to balance risk and safety in a way nobody has ever shown them, AND it will also show them how applying a smart income strategy to their retirement assets will give them more income over their lives, AND have more assets left in their accounts as well.

Give us a call!

~ Greg Skogsberg



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