New Index Annuity ... WOW!!!!

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We don’t usually promote any one particular index annuity, but this one is special in SO MANY WAYS, that it seems appropriate to make you aware of it.

To start with, it is approved in ALL 49 STATES…and ALL the riders are too.  Usually that means that it is such a boring annuity that nobody is going to want to buy it.  Not this time. 

Check out these features…

1) 3 Surrenders to choose from

a. 10, 7, & 5 year

2) Writes up to AGE 90!

3) Bonus available: 6.5%

4) Return Of Premium available (after year 3)

5) Lifetime Income—You can wait until you turn it on to decide Single or Joint, Level-pay or Increasing pay

a. z2 out 6 ADLs triggers DOUBLE lifetime income for Single OR JOINT…that’s right  DOUBLE LIFETIME INCOME FOR JOINT LIVES!!!

6) Income doubler doesn’t run out after 5 years automatically…goes until the cash account is zero

7) Income rider only costs 1.0% (0.35% on 7-year)

8) Enhanced Death Benefit pays 120%

9) Carrier is “A+” rated, with a 96 Comdex Score

10) Accepts Roth, IRA, Inherited IRA, Inherited non IRA

11) Write up to $1,500,000 with no pre approval

12) Pays up to 7.25% commission

13) Uses Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and S&P 500

14) Participation rates WITH NO CAPS 

But, wait…do you want to know the bad news?  

There IS NO BAD NEWS!!!  This annuity is fantastic and perfect for so many types of client cases—even for clients that are not sure exactly what they are going to want in the future.

College planning?  Perfect…use the Return Of Premium rider in 4 years, once the student is out of college.

Not sure if you will need income? 

Perfect…the lifetime income rider is only 1.0%, but it is offset by a 6.5% bonus—and, you don’t have to decide up-front if you want single or joint lifetime income, or if you want payments to stay the same, or payments that increase as you get older.

Replacement. IRA Rollover. Inherited money. Legacy transfer.  Long Term Care type coverage.

And, the carrier has already designed customizable marketing and sales materials, so you can put your name, information, picture, logo, etc. on all the materials you need to make sales.

This one does it all.  Give us a call to learn how to get contracted and we will get you everything you need.

 Here is a link to a 2 minute video that you can even use with clients…

And, we already did a 30 minute-ish webinar that explains all of this and more.  Just click the link below


Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Greg Skogsberg


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