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We just held the biggest webinar we’ve ever hosted!  What was the big attraction?  LEADS SYSTEMS!

Leads System #1:  A Seminar without paying to fill the room—and NO plate-lickers!

We have been helping agents do seminar presentations for 15 years, and have NEVER seen anything like this.  This is a simple system that will help you fill the room using personal connections—so you don’t have to pay $4,000 to send out invitations.  And, it’s a short 15 to 20 minute presentation that ANYONE CAN DO.

We will help you with everything.  You get seasoned seminar pros helping you every step of the way.  You have to check this out. (watch the webinar recording)

Leads System #2:  Market Directly to Annuity Owners!

Did you know that most annuity owners have lost touch with the adviser that sold them their annuities?  And, did you know that most annuity owners will buy more annuities in their lifetime?

This system lets you market directly to annuity owners, and uses updated annuity numbers to show them that they can move to a better index annuity!

Here is the link to our recorded webinar. Please watch it and then give us a call.

Have You Tried These Closing Lines?

You have been sitting with the clients for an hour, and you have shown them everything they need to make a decision.  You presented an index annuity that is exactly what they said they wanted, and now you are waiting for them to pull the trigger and move forward with the sale.  But…they just aren’t budging.  Here are a couple of strategies you can try, depending on the sale scenario.

Scenario 1:  Too Much Money in Market Risk

You did your research and you have shown the clients how Fixed Index Annuities will out-perform the market in most years, and will NEVER return a loss.  You discussed the different crediting methods, and also got them comfortable with the surrender period, free withdrawals, etc.  Try this phrase to get them to move forward with filling out an annuity application form…

“So, you can keep doing exactly what you are doing now—with all of this money in harm’s way—or we can make a change right now and avoid future catastrophes.”   

Then don’t say anything until you get a response.  7 times out of 10 they will respond with some sort of agreement and move forward with the application.  If they have any objections or hesitations, they will voice them.  Either way, you get the ball rolling again toward a sale.

Scenario 2:  They Need More Retirement Income

You have shown them a lifetime income rider on an index annuity that is perfect for them, but they are hesitating for some reason.  Try this phrase…

“If you stick with your current plan for retirement income, have you stopped to figure out what year you will run out of money?” 

Then don’t say anything.  You will see the realization come over them, and they will happily write the annuity application.

Give us a call.!

~ Greg Skogsberg



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