Electronic Applications are Fast, Fun, and Easy

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It is no surprise that we have seen more and more electronic applications being done since the pandemic caused us to change the way we interact with clients.  But it is about time we started submitting business this way!  Have you tried it?  Why not?  You literally have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain

There are many benefits to using digital applications.

1. Electronic applications are fool proof.  The system will not let you make the mistakes that are soooooo easy to make using paper applications.  You can’t accidentally skip a box.  You can’t choose an income rider, and then indicate that the client never plans to take income.  And once the information is all in good order, the system tells you it is ready to submit.

2. Process time is cut by days.  After you hit the submit button, the application is immediately in the carriers system and being processed.  No waiting for someone to open the mail, scan in the documents, sort the different scanned pages by department, then forward each section to the right department.  BAM!  Instantly done when using the E-app.

3. No need to physically meet with clients.  You can go over the application with them over the phone, or you can share your computer screen with them and they can watch you enter their information as you talk over the phone.  I recommend using an easy online tool like www.screenleap.com. It is fast, easy, and there is no program to download.  Within 30 seconds you are sharing your computer screen with the clients and they can see every detail.  Safe, quick, cheap, and easy.

4. No need to drive back to the client’s house for corrections, missed signatures, or policy deliveries.  Everything is handled electronically, except for the actual policy delivery, which comes through U.S. Mail.

5. You get paid faster.  Because the processing happens about 50% faster with E-apps, the time from submission to commission payment is about that much faster as well.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous to use an online application for the first time.

But, I had my first E-application done in about one-fourth the time it usually takes to fill out an application…on my very first try!  That was all it took. I was sold!  Just think about how much time you have to spend opening the forms file, printing the forms, sorting, hand writing in every detail, then scanning the forms and sending them off to be scrubbed.  It is a laborious pain in posterior.  So, let us help.

Last week I helped an agent with his very first electronic application.  In fact, it was the very first annuity he ever sold!

We used the www.screenleap.com system, so we could both see the online application process.  And we worked through each section and each page together.  It took less than one-third the time it usually takes to walk an adviser through their very first application.  AND THERE WERE ZERO ERRORS—because the system would not let us move on to the next section until all the information was entered correctly.

So, let’s work through it together—if you want to.  Or, just give it a shot flying solo.

I promise it will be fast and easy.  And, from now until the end of August, we will pay for one year of the www.screenleap.com system for any adviser that submits their first electronic application.  And, we will even log on and help you complete the application if you want.  Give us a call for more details.  We are excited to help you make your selling process faster and easier.


~ Greg Skogsberg



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