We Make Advisers More MONEY!

We get this question from every agent we talk to who isn’t already working with us, “What makes TWH different from all the other FMOs?”  The answer really boils down to one thing — the most important thing …

Working with TWH will make you more money.

Last month I wrote about three topics that show part of how TWH helps advisers make more money than they would make with any other marketing company:

  • We scrub your applications for you, and make sure your cases get processed, placed, and paid faster
  • We offer more products from more carriers than 98% of all other marketing companies
  • And, we ALWAYS recommend the best policy for each individual client—not the ones that pay US the best compensation

Here are some other things that help the agents we work for make more money…

We Know How to Help Make More Sales

We always look for every opportunity to teach agents new sales techniques, new products, new strategies, new crediting methods, or—whatever an individual agent may benefit from knowing.  What we don’t do is bore advisers with information they don’t need and won’t help them make more money.  Other IMOs hold webinars,  lunch and learns, training events, CE classes, etc., about things that most advisers will never need.  We have been in the business since 1993 and worked with thousands of cases. Plus, we are connected at the highest levels with carriers and industry professionals—so we have the information, tools, and resources to help agents be totally informed and trained on everything they need to know to make more money.  Including how to present differently to different types of clients.

You Get Paid for a Client’s Charitable Donation … and the Client Makes a Profit AND Creates Tax Deductions

Hypothetical Example Case:

A 70 year old client wants more income, and to convert her IRA to Roth without the tax hit.

1. Client donates $700,000 to a charity she chooses—in this case it is her church—through our 503c Planned Giving Process

a. You earn a 5% commission

2. A $2,400 monthly income stream starts back to the client that will last for 30 years, even if she dies

a. The income will total $865,000

b. You might also earn a commission on this

3. The IRS gives the client a $59,000 tax credit

a. She uses it to convert her $179,000 IRA to Roth, with ZERO tax hit!

b. You then open the new Roth account in an Index Annuity,

c. Earning another 6% commission


a. Client is very happy

b. You earned $45,000 (or more)

This is just one of the many things TWH can help you with that 98% of the other marketing companies just can’t.  Give us a call and let’s explore all the ways we can help you make more money too.

Also look for John’s articles for yet another way TWH can help you make more money, and offer even more service your clients.

~ Greg Skogsberg

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