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Let us take all of the frustrating work off of your plate.  Seriously!  The holidays are over, the New Year has begun, and now it’s time to assess the parts of your work that you simply hate to do, or the things you are not even sure how to get accomplished. Or the tasks that require technology that you don’t have access to.  Whatever it is, let us help.

This is exactly how we got to be The #1 Concierge FMO in America. 

By lightening the workload for advisors, so they could focus on talking with prospects and clients, and not wasting time on administrative processes that are tedious, inconsistent, and continuously changing.

Let’s spend 10 minutes on the phone and talk it through.  85% of the time, we are able to help reduce, eliminate, or transfer the troublesome work off of your plate and on to ours.  The only thing you have to lose is the 10 minutes talking…but just imagine how much better your days would be if you could hand-off some of those day to day pain-in-the-neck activities!  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

This is exactly the type of support we give that no other FMO in America offers.  And, we can typically do it for you faster, and more efficiently, because we have 29 years of experience—and we can even customize to your specific wants & needs. Call my direct line at 714-283-9196, and let’s either have a quick chat, or set a time for one.  If I can’t pickup, please leave whichever number you prefer I use to call back.

A Whole Different Way to Get Leads…that Actually Works

About 9 months ago we started using a new form of leads prospecting that was unlike any we have tried before, using a combination of email, text, database optimization, phone calls, and social media.  Rather than just simply using a single-shot approach, we discovered that this new multi-prong approach was WAY more successful.  With no cold calling!

This new ingenious prospecting methodology is also completely customizable to whatever your specific needs are.  They don’t use the same list of potential clients with more than one advisor, EVER.  So you get to build your wish list of potential new clients from scratch, and our team of mad scientist marketing geniuses will create a brand new system to target the types of potential clients you like to work with, and that you know how to help best. And, to top it all off, It is AFFORDABLE!  Call for more.

Things We Will Help You Offer Clients in 2023

#1. Index Annuities

#2. Life Insurance

#3. Long Term Care

#4. Living Trusts

#5. Medicare Supplements

Give us a call if you would like to talk a bit more, or have any questions.

~ Greg Skogsberg


From all of us at TWH ... thank you for your friendship, partnership, and for choosing us as your FMO.  We are here for whatever you might need to make 2023 a great year for growing your business.

Happy New Year!  

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