Want to Find HOT Leads in Your Area?

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 We are working on a new leads system that will connect you with people in your area that already own older index annuities that are producing poor interest returns, compared to what the new and improved index annuities today can produce.

Here’s how this works:

  1. We find out how many people in your area fit the profile for index annuity owners (Hint: within 15 miles of my own office there are around 30,000 index annuity owners!)
  2. We then mail out postcards explaining that they could earn MUCH more profit if they moved their funds out of their old outdated annuity, and into a brand new super-powerful annuity.
  3. They call a toll-free number that gets them to a 24/7 call center that asks some qualifying questions, and then you get an immediate update about the new lead.
  4. For those that call in but do not want to connect with you, we have a professional appointment setting service that will contact them and persuade them to at least find out how today’s annuities are performing.
  5. You then get to talk with the leads, send them a report for your state showing the top performing annuities for their age, tax status, financial goals, etc.
  6. Then you follow up and help them move their funds to a new annuity that will perform MUCH better for  them.

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars, videos, and live meeting events to learn more about this amazing new leads system.  This is unlike anything our industry has ever seen, and it is available exclusively from us at TWH.

Custom Annual Review Reminders

Starting this month, we will be sending out notifications on any annuity policies that you have written in the past 5 years, to let you know about upcoming anniversaries.  This will help you to prepare and schedule a meeting with the clients with plenty of advanced notice.  We saw too many cases last year where the agents only got a few day’s notice when they received notification from the carriers about upcoming anniversaries—and there wasn’t enough time to schedule an annual review meeting.

So, TWH has compiled data from every case, from every carrier, for every agent we worked with, and we will be sending you emails monthly to give you more forewarning about upcoming renewal dates.

Remember - 1 in 3 annual review meetings eventually leads to additional sales!

This is too much to pass up, and yet less than 30% of advisers regularly hold annual review meetings with their clients.  This is the easiest money you will ever make.  Take the time to sit down and find out how the clients are doing…what has changed in the past year?...how do their current annuities fit their new long and short term plans?...and what other services do they need help with?  And, lastly…ASK FOR REFERRALS!

Most advisers say they are uncomfortable asking for referrals.  We can help.  It is this simple;

Bob & Sally, who do you know that could also benefit from an asset like this that only goes up in value and never EVER puts your retirement money at risk?


~ Greg Skogsberg


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