How Can I Increase Sales?

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The pandemic has given new meaning to the question “How can I increase sales?”

Most of us have had to make considerable changes to the way we do business because of the pandemic, and it has really affected business. Advisers that used to rely on in-person meetings to land new clients have seen their revenue drop considerably. So, I want to share with how our top advisers have modified their approach to business.

#1. Farm your book of clients like never before.

Sure, we all stay in touch with our clients, and we love it when they call us out of the blue with a new sale opportunity or to refer us to a friend or family member. But we have seen our top advisers really step up their game when it comes to staying in touch with their clients.

Here are a few of the top ways that you might want to do with your clients:

Send frequent informational emails

1. Choose topics like market risk, potential economic crisis, or share a specific case in which you greatly helped one of your clients. Then send these every 2 or 3 weeks, and ask them to reach out to you to talk about how they are feeling about their finances.

2. Use an email tracking software like Constant Contact or Thryv, so you can see which clients opened the email, which ones clicked on links, etc. This will help you prioritize who to follow up with by phone first—by calling those people that just opened the email recently. Say something like, “Hi Tom & Mary, I don’t know if you saw the email I sent the other day, but it has some information in it that I thought you—in particular—might find helpful”.

3. Choose a specific topic, or two, aimed at making clients respond asking for more information. For example, share a recent client story in which the clients are much better off because of something you did for them. Use details like dollar amounts earned or saved, or taxes avoided. Make the reader think, “Oooooh! That sounds like something I want!”

#2. Branch out and offer new products and/or services

1. If you only offer one service or product, then chances are slim that your clients are going to want or need to do any additional business with you very frequently. For example; if I only sold Life Insurance, my clients are only going to be in the market for MORE life insurance every decade or so. But, if I also learned to sell Long Term Care policies, now I have a reason to go back and talk with EVERY one of my life insurance clients—to see if I could sell them LTC coverage.

2. What about a simple product like a Liquidity Policy to cover funeral expenses? No—not a final expense policy. This policy sets aside $5,000 to $100,000 cash for clients to pass on to their heirs within 48 hours of the client’s death—without filing a claim or waiting days or weeks for a death certificate. EVERY client should have one of these in place. It is a simple 2-page application, with no suitability, no certification or CE requirements, and the sales conversation couldn’t be easier. You can sell this to ALL of your existing clients. And, we have an email already created that you can send out to introduce the concept. It also links to a questionnaire and a short 2 min. video online. All designed to help you earn a 7% commission—paid within 3 days of the sale!

Call or email us and we will send you a copy.

~ Greg Skogsberg



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