Seminars Are Back

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We have advisers across the country back out in the world doing live in-person seminars, and selling MILLIONS in annuities as a result of meeting new clients through seminars. 

Have you done seminars in the past? Have you ever considered doing seminars?

Not every adviser is cut out for public speaking, but there are ways around that. We have been doing live seminars with—and for—advisers since May, 2005. We know everything there is to know about how to be successful doing seminars—whether it is doing a Living Trust seminar in a library, or doing a Retirement Planning seminar at a 5-star steakhouse. We also know all the possible mistakes you can make, and how to avoid & prevent them. 

One of the things we learned in 2021 is how to reduce the cost of invitations to seminars by a HUGE margin.

This is typically the largest cost when doing seminars, so to reduce the invitation budget has a huge impact on increasing the profit margin. But, only ONE national mailing company knows how to do it effectively and cheaply, and we have an exclusive contract with them for ANY type of mailings. 

What about an effective seminar presentation? 

We have those already created and tested. We have a Retirement Planning Power Point presentation that is field tested and VERY effective. One adviser used it last month for the first time, and had 3 different people come up after the presentation was over and say, “I’ve been to a lot of these type of seminars, and this presentation is the best I’ve ever seen”. Why is our presentation so good? Because we continually modify the content and the presentation script, so it speaks to what retirees are currently concerned about. We also use an educational approach to our presentation, instead of a sales approach like so many other marketing companies do.

Living Trust Presentations

We also have recently created—and field tested—a Power Point presentation to use for Living Trust seminars. This is an entirely different type of seminar. The clients are more diverse, the venue is much more affordable, and you typically only have to offer cookies and soft drinks—as opposed to full on meals. The presentation only takes about 30 to 40 minutes to present, and leads to giving clients a free test-drive access to our Estate Documents Pro online living trust software: www.estatedocspro.com 

With Estate Documents Pro, you get an online account setup just for your clients to access—branded with your name, address, phone, etc. This system gets clients an easy to use comprehensive system they can access from the comfort of their homes, and can complete in around 90 minutes (for a standard living trust). And, the cost is only $1,495, which is a fraction of what an attorney would charge. 

Please click on the link above, and take a look for yourself at just how simple and comprehensive this estate planning system is. We even have a short introduction video, as well as a recording of ME doing a seminar for an adviser’s clients—so you can see just how easy it is to present this system, and help people protect their assets from probate. Just give us a call, and let’s chat about how to best help you get this system into your selling plan for 2022. 

What is Coming in 2022?

We can’t give away all the secrets just yet, but there are BIG things coming in 2022. There will be live training events you can attend, that will cover everything from how to have more effective client meetings, to brand new leads systems, to new products and strategies for you to offer to clients, both new and old. 

We have partnered with a new marketing & branding firm that will be available to all of you, to help with almost any aspect of your business. 2022 is going to be amazing! Stay tuned for more. 

Merry Christmas!

~ Greg Skogsberg


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