Introducing a new Index Annuity that pays 6.15% Commission on 5 Year!

This new index annuity is only offered to less than 1% of all agents in America, and we have been given one of those rare contracts.  So, if you are reading this article—and you contract through TWH—you can provide this amazing annuity to your clients.  But, your competition won’t be able to

Just Look at what this Indexed Annuity offers:

Yes, index annuities have surrender fees—but only for early withdrawals in excess of 10%!  The fees are actually there for our own protection, and to show that the insurance companies are on the hook for some significant investments that back up the safe growth of our annuity investment.  If any client isn’t sure they can stay in the annuity contract for the entire surrender period, THAN DON’TPUT THEM INTO THAT CONTRACT.  As long as we stick to this level of planning, the surrender fees never even come into play.  Plus, always keep in mind that terminal illness, nursing home confinement, chronic illness, etc.all can trigger surrender‐free withdrawals if need be.

  1. 5, 7, & 10 Year surrender periods
  2. 6.15% commission on the 5 year (to age 75)
  3. 7.15% commission on the 10 year (to age 75)
  4. No chargeback at death!
  5. Optional income rider with 16 year rollup
  6. Innovative Goldman Sachs crediting index a)Free version with 100% Participation Rate b) Fee version with 200% Participation Rate
  7. S&P 500 Annual Point-to-Point crediting index a) 8.5% Cap on 10 year fee version
  8. Optional lifetime income benefit with bonus of up to 100% of initial premium!

Currently available in most states (pending approval in CA), this annuity has a unique Goldman Sachs crediting index based on spending habits of aging baby-boomers.

This will help assure that crediting remains stronger than other indexes in the event of a recession or crash—because the aging baby boomers will continue to spend money on needs like prescription drugs, medical and health benefits, assisted and nursing living facilities, and so on.  Give us a call and let us show you the power of this exclusive new annuity. Don’t miss out.

What Else Can We Help You Sell To Your Clients?

Whether you specialize in life insurance, annuities, Medicare plans, Long Term Care benefits, etc., we can help you provide for the full spectrum of retirement and financial protection needs of your clients.  Don’t just be satisfied with a single sale and then move on to the next client or prospect.

As soon as you have helped your clients with a single service, like an index annuity, explain that you are a full service retirement protection specialist and that your job is to make sure ALL areas of protection are covered.  Here is an example of how to approach the conversation:

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, now that we have protected your retirement funds against market loss by placing them into an index annuity, let’s talk about other areas of danger that might need protection.

  1. Are your assets protected from probate in the event of your death? a) We can help you provide an affordable living trust for under $1,000
  2. Do you have the proper type and sufficient amount of life insurance? a) Many retirees are under insured, and don’t know that they may still qualify for coverage
  3. If you were to become injured or seriously ill, are you protected from the enormous costs associated with extended additional health costs? a) Protect assets from the devastating costs of Long Term Care needs
  4. Are you enrolled in the very best possible Medicare plan available? a) Many seniors are not even aware that they can switch to a better plan

Give us a call. We can help you make more sales! 800‐200‐9194

~ Greg Skogsberg

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