The best to obtain a new client? A referral!

We know, you know, everybody knows…that we, as financial, life, retirement, LTC and even Medicare planners, really DO NOT ask for referrals! How come? Is it lack of confidence?  Is it fear of rejections?  Neither; it is actually due to a lack of training.  We just never learned how to properly ask.

The best to obtain a new client? A referral!

Here’s what I heard as a guest with one of our brokers during his presentation to solve a life insurance need and also design a life time guarantee income stream for a business owner, his client. We were able to accomplish the client’s goals through some FIA’s and Life products. But here’s the point of helping you through this thought of business building and ongoing commissions I thought about the average of getting referrals in obtaining new business.  And here’s what it is. 95% of us shake hands, thank the client, think about the commissions and walk out the door. So here’s what I did… I asked the client (I was actually part of the sales process) “if what we accomplished for you could be helpful to any of your colleagues, and—if so—would you mind introducing us to them? “ Of course he said yes. I asked him to name the top three from the top of his head. Guess what? He did! Then, I did what nobody else does…I asked him to call all 3 of them to “introduce” us to them right then.  He hesitated, but realized what we did is something that no other financial advisor has done or would do and so he called!  He got on the phone, warmed us up, we got on the phone and made one appointment out of the three due to the other two going to voice mail. Bottom line; the client was happy to make a referral RIGHT THEN since we asked RIGHT THEN in a positive conversation.

Don’t hesitate, ask. If you have done a good job, your clients will support and call!

Call me and we can talk further.

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

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