At TWH have been designing and testing a lead system for the past year that pays for itself!

Did you know that almost half of retired people don’t have a Living Trust?

Did you know that as an advisor you can educate people about the importance of having a trust without having to be an attorney?  We at TWH along with our partners at Integrity Estate Planning, LLC have developed a turnkey Living Trust seminar system.

Imagine this, you have an already built Power Point presentation with a script.

You have one on one coaching from somebody that has been doing seminars for the last 20 years and with 15,000 clients to show you how to do a 30 minute presentation. You are taught the type of locations to use, community centers, libraries, churches, schools and conference rooms. All you serve is bottled water! No food, no restaurant bills and no “plate lickers”, no expensive mailing.

How does it pay for itself? Because there will be possible location costs, advertising, etc. Each Trust cost $600 for the attorney firm to review, build, and deliver. You as the advisor can charge anything above that what the market will bear. Our advisers are currently charging from $895 to $2,100 depending on your location. So you can see that just a couple of trusts can pay for the marketing and location expenses.  And, you get to grow your client base for the other retirement protection services you offer; Medicare, Annuities, Social Security optimization, Insurance, etc.

Sound interesting? I know you have questions and there are many details that I don’t have room to print so please call me or Greg and we’ll give you the low down on how so many agents are finding great success in this program.

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

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