What does TWH have up their sleeve now?  Medicare!$!

Since I have been involved in the Medicare industry for almost 30 years as an agent, CE designer and instructor, it’s ALWAYS been on my mind that the retirement industry and Medicare benefits should work together hand in hand. Seems natural, don’t you think?  When somebody retires, usually around 65, they have 2 questions that has been bugging them for about 12 months. The first question is normally about how to retire with a 401k that’s still subject to market risk. They ask themselves “I have a 401k or an IRA and it could or is losing money, what should I do?”

The second question is “I’ve been getting all this Medicare information in the mail from all these insurance companies and I have no idea how to navigate through all this. Who can help me?”

With some help from TWH, you can help answer both of those questions!

We are able to provide them with easily understood information so they can make the right choice for Medicare coverage. Each client that you refer to us will get a one on one consultation to select the right plan—whether it may be a Medicare Supplement (PPO) or a MA-PD (HMO). We never play favorites, just like our Annuity philosophy, we only pick what is right for them, every time. And each year we will always do a review to see if there is a better choice based on new or different needs, or any carrier changes.  You and the clients will get the service of the largest Medicare FMO west of the Mississippi!  So, give us a call and let’s talk about helping your clients with Medicare needs.

Call me and we can talk further.

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

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