We are always looking for a way to generate more appointments with qualified prospects and when we hear that there may be a system that is low cost that could even pay for itself, we naturally tend to be hopeful.

 First of all, we all realize that selling annuities or life insurance is one of the many items you do for retirement protection. Another service we can perform is Probate Protection through a Living Trust.

Let’s take a look at Probate Protection.

50% of all retired Americans do not have a living trust and it really doesn’t matter what the wealth factor is in measuring this statistic.

Here’s how it works, TWH has the Living Trust power point presentation, script, questionnaire, ad copy, and Living Trust workshop marketing through Facebook already in place. The location is also at no or low cost. We have advisors doing simple Living Trust seminars at libraries, community centers, churches, and conference rooms saving money by passing up restaurants.

So the next step is the advisor simply says “yes” to this idea and receives one on one training through our Trust expert from Integrity Estate Planning in learning the process.

After the presentation and appointments are set, the advisor helps complete the questionnaire with the clients. This is where you can discover assisting the clients about who are the beneficiaries’, property deeds, second marriages, and assets. Not only are you helping fulfill the clients wishes when they die, but you now are able to offer advice about their financial goals, wishes, and fears.

So, even if you did not sell any retirement products to anyone from a seminar, your marketing can easily be covered by just selling one or two trusts. How? Because you can price the Trust at any premium above $700 which is the wholesale cost. From $895 -$2,195 or whatever the market will bear. Please give me a call to find out more! Give us a call!

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

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