Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love around the world. It is a chance to celebrate the joy found in companionship, in a family, in friendship, a social group, or even retirement.

Retirement is a well-deserved reward after years of hard work in the workforce. Everyone’s idea of retirement is different. Some are most looking forward to a European adventure, while others plan to visit grandchildren or catch up with old friends.

For the most part, America’s workforce is looking forward to retirement. In fact, more than half (57 percent) are excited about the years ahead. Excitement will likely only increase if Americans feel comfortable about their retirement readiness. A fixed indexed annuity (FIA) can help.

FIAs Won’t Break Your Heart

Having a long-term relationship with your retirement begins with diversity in your financial portfolio. We suggest diversifying with retirement savings vehicles that offer guaranteed lifetime income, like FIAs. Designed for the long run, FIAs won’t break your heart, as you work toward reaching your retirement goals. Together, or with your loved one, learn about the benefits of FIAs.

Share The Love

Our esteemed members are spreading their #annuitylove this Valentine’s Day. Hear what they’re saying about this retirement savings vehicle to help you see if one is right for you. You can share your love for annuities on Twitter by tagging @IALCouncil and using #annuitylove in your posts.

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