(This month’s article is contributed by our esteemed LTC expert, Stan Israel)

We all have a different notion of what the good life is--family, friends, even travel.

Part of living that good life is maintaining our lifestyle and independence while making sound financial choices. Protecting your hard-earned dollars is what is at the heart of financial independence, and peace of mind.

A Long-Term Care event can occur at any age.

Ask yourself –Do I have the resources or a plan in place to pay for the ongoing care if you were unable to care for yourself and need assistance with activities, such as bathing or dressing? Or, when an unplanned illness, injury, or cognitive impairment develops, can I pay for my care?  

The good life may also mean a long life. Preserve your retirement funds while you are still healthy enough to qualify for Long Term Care Insurance coverage. Your good health today helps purchase this peace of mind. Please note: many people mistakenly believe that they are covered for long-term care--LTC is generally NOT covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, or even private medical insurance. Your financial advisor is well-versed in how to best finance your LTC Insurance and how it can benefit you and your family. Please contact TWH for assistance in getting designs and quotes. Your clients will be glad you did!

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

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