Years ago, one of my best broker buddies earned ANOTHER trip to Hawaii selling IFP (Individual Family Plans) health insurance with one of the big California carriers.

But that was many years ago—before the ACA existed—when I had more hair than I have today. This broker told me a story about sitting by the pool at the Four Seasons and agents kept coming over and asking ”what are you doing with a computer in Hawaii?” He said “I’m selling insurance through a Web Site, making more commissions without seeing anybody!” Soon he had a crowd around him popping him with questions about how it worked, and what it cost, and so forth. That was over 20 years ago! He was selling around a 100 cases each year without seeing anybody, except one couple, at a nudist colony. True story, clothes on of course, but I digress.

Now today, not seeing anybody face to face should be easy in selling health, life and P&C insurance.

What about annuities, Life Settlements and Long Term Care? More complicated products, but everybody is in this game (social distancing) and people are ready to adapt. So, selling Annuities and other complex products without a Face 2 Face environment means we need to go through a few steps to not only make your clients  comfortable, but even more important is MAKING YOU COMFORTABLE.

Without going into detail (you can always call me), the process is pretty easy to do.

And, you will be surprised how many people are prepared and ready for a video “phone call”. Almost everything is available on the Web for free to get your own personal presentation system. And, we know several agents using different methods, so we can help you determine what fits you and your selling experience. You, yourself, have likely attended dozens of Webinars over the years, so you are already very familiar with the process and know how it works.  All we have to do personalize and customize the information, and you will be making sales over the Internet in no time! So please call. I have a list of resources that have worked for me and others to get you started.

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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