You Don’t Need Books, Motivational Tapes or Expensive Seminars to be Neighborly.

Standing around at the end of church, chatting with other parents at the end of your kid’s ballgame, wondering how to introduce yourself and start to get to know all the quasi- strangers in all the familiar places you live in. You’re thinking, “I’m a salesperson dang it, I present a product for solving problems by creating great solutions. I know how to close a sale and I’m generously compensated for it. But how do I meet more prospects? And how do I tell these familiar people what I do without scaring them off?”  

I use a simple conversation starter called “FORM”

“Hi, my name is John, what’s yours?” “F” stands for ‘family’. I ask of them, do you live around here, do you have family that’s close, are you married with kids? A few follow up questions and then naturally they will ask about your family. Pretty predictable, right? Next comes “O”, which stands for ‘occupation’. Ask them “what kind of business are you in?” Never ask, “Where do you work” or “What kind of work do you do?” I always say to myself when talking to new people is “uplift and edify”. Never fails!  Always say something positive about where they work or what business they own. Be sincere and ask how, what and when about their career. Listen close.

The Turning Point

The turning point will come up in the next few moments after “O” is done. You have shown interest in them and have done more listening than talking. Asking thoughtful questions and following up in what they’re saying. Then the turning point appears on the horizon in a question you’ve anticipated almost fearfully. “Say John, enough about me, what do You do?” The way you answer it could be the deal maker—if you have practiced your response. You need to have a short but intriguing one line answer about your job.

Stay tuned, R and M will be next!          
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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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