I heard this from Greg years ago ...

As a marketer, I love to find easier ways to help our advisors get to that next qualified prospect. In pursuing this passion, I was constantly chasing the latest and greatest thing out there too often—always hoping for the magic key to unlock sales. Greg had to rein me in a few times since 1 out of 10 marketing/lead systems were barely worth the money.

Everybody has a Pipeline, big or small, but still workable?

Quite often in our frustration with lack of activity, we think think that we need a new list, a new marketing scheme, or a new shiny object to sell to new people. Yeah, that’ll work! But we need to realize that people on your current list (or a list of new prospects that you just paid for), all have the same financial needs you fulfill and bring solutions to. So…

Go back to your book of happy clients and your old lists

An old sale could be ready for a new sale. Just because an annuity client bought an annuity 6-10 years ago doesn’t mean they’re done purchasing! Create a drip system to send a message and keep to a routine in reaching out by phone. Don’t lose a sale because YOU didn’t invest in the relationship and they went somewhere else. Reach out and tell them about these new awesome “no cap” annuities. Ask if they have any lazy money STILL laying around. Ask them about THEIR children, their parents. And ask if they have a Living Trust?  I can guarantee that more sales will occur just by “reaching out and checking in”.

I have more sales from doing this than I can remember.

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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