What’s “this” era going to be called? Virus Recession? Corona Depression?

The “Almost” 2nd Great Depression?  Probably not. The first and only Depression that hit the United States taught the Economic stalwarts and legislators to avoid another one. But after America has gone through 33 recessions since 1854, the last thing we want to do is sit around and wait for it to end. The longer consumer confidence goes south and the market reacts, it tends to become another “Great Recession” like we had in 2008

So make that phone call, not an Email or a text, but a phone call to your clients, asking them a simple question:

"How are you doing?”  If you have been a diligent and a thoughtful advisor, their answer should be “OK, doing fine, but you ought to see what my kids are going through!”

Wait a minute. Did an opportunity just pull in front of you?

Yes! This is the best referral you can get…you should ask about the kids! Your clients are no longer working, but the kids are in middle age doing the cash accumulation part of life, and most have taken a pretty good hit from the market place.  

Here is how you can help:
  1. Learn how do to a clear, easy and simple comparison between their 401k and IUL Life Insurance. I can help.
  2. Roll some or all of their IRA into a Life Settlement policy IRA. No market risk, guaranteed to pay above what the market will do. This element in investing is not for everybody and there is qualification criteria to be met.
  3. Today, we at TWH are discovering more carriers becoming more aggressive in cash accumulation crediting. Ask us which one fits the new client that was introduced from the current client. It’s about time!

800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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