(a.k.a. ‘MediGap’)


If you have Original Medicare ...

If you have Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement plan may help you cover the costs of your healthcare, therefore saving you money. This is because, while offering great benefits, Medicare Part A and Part B will not cover all your healthcare costs, leaving you with expenses to cover. When you consider your deductibles and copays, Medicare Supplement premiums start to make more sense for many.

  • Without having a Medigap plan, you’re going to have out-of-pocket costs to contend with. For many, the premiums of Medicare Supplement coverage are cheaper than paying for these expenses. This can include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurances.
  • If you travel often, Medigap plans are also a great option because there are no networks. Otherwise, you may end up paying more for your healthcare.
  • If it’s approved by Medicare, it’s approved by Medicare Supplement coverage. There are 12 lettered plans to choose from, so benefits can differ, but you can apply your coverage to any Medicare-approved services.

The truth about Medicare supplemental insurance is that it can benefit many who cannot afford to cover the expensive and rising costs of healthcare. Are Medicare Supplement plans necessary? That likely depends on your budget and risk tolerance.

We can help you offer Supplement Plans to your clients—and you don’t have to do ANY certification!

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~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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