90% of Advisors and Brokers really dislike Medicare selling, for good reason.

It used to be easy. You have an insurance license, you’re qualified to sell IFP, and group insurance, AND Medicare. You stay compliant taking the 20 CE hours each year, and nobody is complaining. Then all of a sudden somebody in government says that any senior who buys a HMO has lost half their IQ when they turn 65 and is no longer capable of decision making without government oversight. Perhaps the regulators think agents who are selling Medicare MAPDs are out to take advantage of seniors, scamming them with every trick in the book! MAPD HMO plans can require agents to go through MORE compliance, testing, and auditing. Unless you sell Medicare full-time, it might not feel worth the extra work. But wait…

Medicare Supplements or “Gap Plans” are tailor made for us advisers.


Here’s why you should sell it:

  • No Certifications required each year with each carrier
  • Your clients can go to any doctor in America that takes Medicare
  • Your clients don’t need referrals
  • Your clients can change carriers to save money, and stay in the same plan, and w/o medical questions
  • Your clients can afford it
  • You earn bigger first year commissions AND bigger renewals for as long as they are on the plan (average is 13 years)
  • When the premium goes up, your commissions go up
  • There are high deductible plans for one third of the normal cost of an average Supplement
  • Your clients never call you except when Joe Namath preaches about MAPD on daytime TV during AEP once a year
  • It gives you another great reason to talk with your clients, and to ask for referrals

I will personally help you simply understand how to market and sell Supplements.

It’s Easy. Call me!    
800‐200‐9194, ext. 206

~ John Roberts

Marketing Director

VP, TWH Agency, Inc.

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