Many Changes to Medicare are Coming in 2023. Here Are a Few of the Ones to Be Aware of ...

Deductibles also going down

The annual Part B deductible for 2023 is decreasing to $226, a $7 decline from 2022 and the first drop in a decade.

Part A costs increasing

For 2023, the Part A deductible will be $1,600 per stay, an increase of $44 from 2022.

Insulin copays capped

Copays for a 30-day insulin supply that a Medicare drug plan covers will be capped at $35. Note that not every plan covers every type of insulin. More drops in prices will come later in 2023.

Free vaccines

Shingrix, for example, can run as much as $200 a dose. Starting in 2023, even if a beneficiary hasn’t satisfied their Part D deductible, that vaccine and others recommended by ACIP will be free to beneficiaries.

Increased emphasis on behavioral health

Medicare will be paying for licensed clinical social workers, psychologists and other behavioral health specialists to be part of a beneficiary’s primary care office visit. The program will also improve access to licensed marriage and family therapists.

Some access to dental care

Beginning in 2023, the program will expand the type of “medically necessary” dental services it will cover when needed with other procedures, such as a cleaning or other dental work that will improve the outcome of an organ transplant or cancer treatment. Want to learn more?

Source: https://www.aarp.org/health/medicare-insurance/info-2023/medicare-changes-in-2023.html

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