3 Systems to Get More Clients

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The only way to grow your business is to sell more annuities. To do that, we have to get in front of more people who are likely to be great candidates for the guarantees, growth power, safety, and income that only annuities can provide.

We have 3 proven systems in place that are currently producing sales for advisers by connecting them with potential new clients. These ARE NOT LEADS or cold calls with little chance of turning into a sale.

These are proven ways that YOU can start using now.

1. Pre-Qualified Appointments. For just $65 per appointment, you receive set appointments directly into your calendar to have video or phone meetings with state employees who have retirement funds they need to move out of the state funded pension and retirement plans. You set the number of appointments you want and what days and hours you want to be available. There is no minimum, and no huge up-front setup cost. All you have to do is setup an account, decide how many appointments, and then start having conversations with people who need help with financial retirement options. We coach you through how to guide the conversation, and what talking points to cover. You gather information, and then we help you with the best strategy to recommend. We help with the case design, application preparation and submission, and work the processing all the way through to the end. Simple, easy, and you can start now. And you keep ALL the commissions!

2. Self-Identified Annuity Shoppers. For $900 per month, you are guaranteed 15 connections with people who have gone out to financial information websites and entered information about their interest in annuities. Each lead is given only to ONE adviser, and never re-sold. Each potential client is warmed up to you as an adviser by multiple communications sharing information about retirement, taxes, income, etc., all generated for you by our own system—and branded with YOUR information. Once a potential client expresses an interest in having a conversation with you, they have already received numerous communications—so they are already familiar with who you are. You then have a VERY warm first conversation to find out how you can help. From there, we help do the research, product selections, case design, application preparation—everything you need to make the sale. An adviser using the process just received 9 new conversation requests over the weekend!

3. Educational Presentations. These are turn-key informational presentations done in a classroom-type setting. No dinners to buy! We have advisers who are currently making sales from this program. Everything is all ready to go, and training is easy and quick. You can be ready to go with your first class in just a few weeks.

Whichever lead-generation program you use—whether it is one of these, or one of your own—we can help maximize the results and help make the process easier and more profitable.

Are You Receiving Our Annual Review E-mails?

Every month we send out a list of upcoming annuity anniversaries to advisers, so they can prepare for the annual review with each client. If you have not been receiving these emails, they may be going into a SPAM or ‘Junk’ folder. Please let us know. We can help.

For more tips give us a call.

~ Greg Skogsberg


Click here for a short video about this month's issue

We now have annuity contracts with FORTY-FIVE carriers.  More than any other FMO!  And this is just one of the reasons we are The #1 Concierge FMO in America!

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