Your Clients Need Living Trusts …and You Can Get Them a Great One

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Depending on the survey you read, as many as 45% of people over 55 in the U.S. who really should have a living trust in the U.S. do not have one.

Here is why you might want to help them get one.

Putting a living trust in place requires some planning, some decision making, and answering some questions.  Where are all the assets?  Who will inherit them? How much life insurance do we have?  What plans do we have for unforeseen medical issues? Answering these important planning questions can be difficult without some sort of structure and guidance through the process.  This is where you come in.  

Using our living trust process, you can offer them a quick and painless path to gather and organize all of the information needed to put a trust together.  

And, in the process, it is highly likely that you will uncover some financial or insurance needs that you can also help them with.  It happens more often than most advisers think.  Here is an example:

I met with a couple who was interested in putting a living trust in place, who had recently had a medical scare (the husband had a mild heart attack).  They realized it was time to finally do a living trust.  We sat at the kitchen table and started going through our Living Trust Worksheet Questionnaire.  After about 15 minutes we discovered that their only IRA account (an index annuity at ING) was returning zero growth, and that the Required Minimum Distributions had not been taken out for 3 years.  They had actually forgot they even had the annuity!  So, in addition to getting all the information needed to create a living trust, I also was asked to do some market research and find them the best index annuity for cash accumulation that would allow for penalty free annual IRA distributions.  And the whole process only took 45 minutes, and we set a second appointment 2 weeks out.

I sent the completed questionnaire to our attorney partners who do all of the living trusts for our advisers (in all 50 states), and within two weeks I was meeting a notary at the clients’ home to get signatures on their new trust—and to give them a presentation on the best index annuity for their under-performing IRA.

Here’s the best part…the commission on the annuity was 7%, and the finder’s fee on the living trust was $600!  Not bad for a couple of hours work.

We have a proven system for helping you introduce the living trust concept, work through the questionnaire, discover other financial and insurance needs, and deliver a top-quality living trust to protect clients from probate.  And, you help your clients overcome the two top reasons retirees give for not having a living trust:

  1. Just never got around to it, because it seemed too complicated and time consuming
  2. Didn’t want to pay the huge fees to pay an attorney to create the living trust. a) NOTE: Most people believe a trust will cost upward of $3,000, and require 5 hours sitting in a lawyer’s office.

Our living trust can be offered for a fraction of what local lawyers in your area typically charge—and YOU get paid a finder’s fee as well.  Give us a call and let us show you how easy and effective this process is.  You will be amazed at how frequently talking about living trusts can lead to other opportunities—and we can help with all of it.


~ Greg Skogsberg



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