Do You Have the NEW Type of Life Insurance?

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Here is a proven way to sell more life insurance—by asking about what era their life insurance came from.  After finding out that a potential client already has some life coverage, we need to dig a bit deeper to make sure they have the right type of coverage. 

Here’s an example…


I’m glad to hear that you already have some life insurance.  Is it the NEW type, or the OLD type?


What?  What do you mean?


Well, the old model of life insurance only paid out money to your loved ones when you died—it should have been called DEATH insurance.  But, the new models today payout benefits to us before we die—in case we need help with any chronic or critical medical issues…or if we just want to draw some tax-free income from the profits in the policy.  The new models really are LIFE insurance.


I’ve never heard of any of that, so I guess I have the old kind.  But it’s all I can afford, and I’ve been paying on it for years—so don’t want to lose the benefits I’ve built up.  It still has about 15 years of coverage left.


I completely understand.  I felt the same way when I had an old temporary policy that would run out before I died.  But then I learned about the new type, and how it actually builds up tax-free interest profits—so my money isn’t just going into the pockets of the insurance companies.  It is actually growing for my retirement—tax free! 


Could I transfer my existing benefits to a NEW type policy?  And, would it cost more?


If your health is still about the same as when you got the OLD policy, it should be no problem getting you into a NEW model.  And, even though it might cost a bit more than your temporary version, it will be accumulating tax-free growth for your future—so the amount of money you are giving away will actually be lower.


Sounds almost too good to be true. Let’s set a time to meet again when my spouse can hear all of this too.


Sure. How does Thursday at…

I used to not know what to say when I met a prospect who already owned life insurance, and then a very successful adviser said this to me, “A prospect that already made the decision to buy life insurance is the easiest person to sell—because they already believe in the concept, so you don’t have to convince them.”  And, it has proven to be true, but took some time to discover an approach that helped them want to explore whether or not they have the right type and amount of insurance.

This script can help you overcome objections before they even come up, and help people get the right amount and type of life insurance—and that is the ultimate goal.

Did you know?...Only About 50% of Americans have ANY life insurance, and only about 50% of those have ENOUGH of the RIGHT TYPE of policy for their needs.

In addition to having contracts with 38+ annuity carriers, we also have contracts with nearly every life carrier too.  We LOVE helping with life cases!  For more ideas and tips, just give us a call: 

Just give us a call:

~ Greg Skogsberg


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