What Are Seniors Saying About Index Annuities?

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It might be helpful for you to know what questions seniors have about index annuities.  With so many different ‘experts’ offering different information, many potential annuity buyers are confused and scared to move forward with buying an annuity.  Here are some of the top concerns, and how to address them…

How do I know if this is the very best index annuity for my needs?

We can help you prepare a customized report that shows clients EVERY annuity on the market, and why/how the one you propose is the VERY BEST one to meet the financial needs they said they have.

Why is this adviser only showing me ONE index annuity?

While it can be overwhelming to show too many different annuity choices to clients, showing too few can make it seem as if they are not being given the full story—or that the adviser might only be able to sell one particular annuity.  Because we have contracts with 44 index annuity carriers, we can help you show clients that you have chosen the very best annuity amongst the hundreds available to choose from.

If the index follows the NASDAQ, why not just invest in the NASDAQ?

Today’s volatility controlled index strategies may reference some common indexes, like the NASDAQ or S&P500, but they actually outperform those simple indexes because of the complex crediting features built into the crediting methods.  For instance the NASDAQ FC index has the ability to re-balance hourly among just the top 100 NASDAQ companies out of the 3,300 listed.  We can get you custom comparisons to help your client understand the difference.

How do I know if I can trust the insurance company?

Executive Life Co. was the last insurance company selling annuities to go out of business in 1993, and that situation resulted in congress changing the auditing and regulatory oversight standards to be so strict that it is now virtually impossible for an annuity company to fail.  Instead, today, the annuity companies are simply absorbed by bigger annuity companies.  It’s the safest form of retirement investing available, hands down.

WELCOME Gary Raggio to TWH!

Help us welcome the newest addition to the TWH team, Gary Raggio, from Lake Elsinore area here in Southern California.

Gary brings 20+ years of insurance industry experience to TWH. First as an advisor himself, and for the last 16yrs as a consultant to brokers across America.  Having offered Life, Annuity, and LTC products to his own clients this puts him in the unique position of being able to "walk the talk" when assisting our advisors with case design and product selection, allowing him to draw from his time in the field.  Whether it be a particular product, assistance in developing a business plan or seminar marketing, Gary is poised and ready to help. His phone extension is 210, and his email is Gary@twhagency.com.

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~ Greg Skogsberg


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