Selling FIAs Is Easier Than Ever Before

Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) are predicted to exceed sales of variable annuities (VAs) by the end of 2021 according to a recent national study.

FIA sales took a leap in the third quarter of 2018—38% higher than the prior year—which was much higher than VA growth.  Why?  The stock market, FIA guarantees, and new product development are among the factors.  Historical performance is also a huge driving force, as seniors continue to see their other assets lose money—if even slightly—while their FIAs continue to grow without loss.

In 2010, traditional VAs made up two-thirds of all annuity sales while FIAs made up 17%

As of year-end 2017, traditional VAs dropped from 62 to 40 percent while FIA sales rose to 32 percent of the market. We also have more people retiring and more people who need guaranteed income, and the supply of the FIAs that give those benefits has increased as insurance carriers continue to develop more and more new FIAs.

The Sales Opportunity

There are fewer independent insurance agents selling FIAs than in 2008. So, there is an increasing consumer demand and a decreasing sales force to meet it.  This means today—more than ever before—is the perfect time to be talking to EVERYONE you know about Fixed Index Annuities.  We can help.

Here are some great ways to start the conversation:

  1. “Have any of your retirement accounts taken any hits?...What if they do?” a) Follow up: “Would all of your retirement assets survive the next crash?”
  2. “Do you have the old type of retirement growth accounts, or the new ones?”
  3. “How are your self-directed pension plans doing?”
  4. “How much of your retirement money are you comfortable losing if the market tanks?”
  5. “Your life, house, and car are all insured…is your retirement insured yet?”
  6. “Are you 100% sure you will not outlive your money?”

We can help you start selling FIAs, or start selling MORE FIAs.

Retirees are going to talk to someone about fixed indexed annuities.  Let’s make sure that ‘someone’ is you.

A “Leads System” that Pays YOU!

We have a way for you to consistently get in front of new people, talk to them about retirement protection, and turn a profit—even without selling ANY annuities or insurance.

We have been helping agents put on Living Trust meetings in libraries, town halls, community centers, and senior centers for the last year.  Here’s why it works:

  1. No meals to pay for
  2. Advertising is cheap and controllable
  3. Nearly half of seniors NEED a living trust
  4. An easy, fully scripted, 30 minute presentation
  5. Educational presentation is non-threatening
  6. We coach you through every aspect
  7. People who buy living trusts are happy to give referrals

Give us a call and take 5 minutes to see exactly how this system can work for you. 800‐200‐9194

~ Greg Skogsberg

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