How About 19.04% Average Annual Returns?

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But wait…there’s more. A 5% cash bonus, available up to age 85, and the crediting rate is GUARANTEED FOR TEN YEARS.  This means; if a client had put $100,000 into this annuity 10 years ago—on June 1st, 2013—their account value today would be $599,955.  That is 500% growth in 10 years.  This is not hypothetical analysis. This how the index and crediting rate would have actually performed!

Now, let’s talk about the guaranteed crediting rate.  This annuity has a locked in contractually binding guaranty to hold the 550% Participation Rate for the entire 10-year surrender period.

It is available in almost every state—Yes, even in California.  And the commission is 7.25% up to age 75!

How long will these rates hold?  No telling.  Hurry!

Here is what you can share with clients to help them understand why annuities are not as risky as bank assets:

So, why would anyone risk putting money in a bank asset when they can get tax-deferred growth with MUCH higher returns from annuities—with ZERO market risk?  Call for more on current rates and options.

Why You Should Talk with Clients About Probate

Losing money after we die is still the #1 biggest loss experienced by Americans.  More money is lost through probate than by ANY other single financial planning mistake a person can make.  So, every person with assets over $200,000 needs to seriously consider having a living trust to prevent these tremendous losses.

But, why should you be involved with helping clients get into living trusts?

Because it helps you establish yourself as a true financial and retirement consultant, and not just an insurance adviser.  Plus, it helps your clients introduce you to their beneficiaries, who will be inheriting the clients’ assets when they die.

Having the discussion about probate also opens the door to also discuss the other areas of retirement financial planning that many people overlook; long term care planning, and life insurance coverage.  And once clients realize that you are a retirement consultant, they often will ask for your opinion on annuities, market risk, moving 401k and IRA plans, Medicare coverage, and more!  Just imagine how good it feels to make so many positive differences in peoples’ financial well being.

You do not need to be an attorney to introduce clients to the living trust process.

You simply need to open the discussion and explain how a small investment of $1,499 today can save their heirs 10 to 100 times that by avoiding probate.  We use a company that does the entire process for the client directly, so there is no legal liability for you at all.  And clients LOVE the simple & comprehensive process.  It is fast, affordable, and they can do the whole thing online from their home!

John Roberts is our in-house expert on the entire process and can show you the entire process.  Oh, and you even earn a finders-fee for each client you refer to our living trust service.  

Call for more details.

~ Greg Skogsberg


Click here for a short video about this month's issue

We now have annuity contracts with FORTY-FIVE carriers.  More than any other FMO!  And this is just one of the reasons we are The #1 Concierge FMO in America!

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