We Have to Look Out for the Little Guy

The head of securities at Goldman's last week predicted that average returns for the experienced securities investor would be 3% to 6% profit for 2019.  Think about that for a moment...84% of the stocks on the market are owned by 10% of the people in America, which means the average Joe citizen investor is NOT one of the experienced investors.  If the truly experienced investors can only hope to earn 6% or less, it can be easily estimated that the average investor will see around a 1% to 3% profit--before paying fees (with the average annual fee for AUM being about 1.5%, nominally).

In a nutshell; the little guy who does his own trading is in for a null year at best.

With crediting rates in index annuities and life insurance at an all-time high, it is criminal to not be recommending these alternatives to our clients. Especially for those in their senior or retirement years, who need every dollar working as hard as possible EVERY year. We can run custom comparisons and get EVERY client the VERY best risk-free growth ANYWHERE!  800-200-9194

Let Us Scrub Those Applications First

Every year the suitability standards at carriers become more strict.  Replacement rules, liquid asset requirements, reverse mortgages, living trusts, surrender penalties, annual income, percentage of assets, client net-worth—the list goes on and on.  The key to making sure an application goes through with as little trouble as possible is knowing what the suitability rules are for the carrier BEFORE you submit the application.  We can help.  Because we work with dozens of cases every week, we can review the application for you and help avoid running into any one of the suitability land mines that can bog down and even kill a case.  Taking the time to let us scrub the application for you will actually speed up the processing of the application.  Just scan the application and email it to any one of us here, or to info@twhagency.com.  We will double check the suitability standards for that carrier, and make sure all of the requirements are in order before sending in the app.  You will have less trips back to have the client sign or initial things, the policy will get issued quicker, and you will get paid faster. It’s a win-win-win!

New Carriers Available

In addition to offering the most experience and best service in the industry, TWH also is in the top 5% of marketing companies when it comes to the number of carriers and annuities we offer.  And, we recently added even more!  Atlantic Coast Life, Pacific Life, Equitable Life, and some preferred-line annuities from some of the major carriers are all now available through our marketing channel.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you have access to the VERY BEST annuity for every case.

Why TWH Does Not Always Recommend the Same Carriers, but Always the BEST

Most marketing companies only have top-level contracts with 2 or 3 carriers, which means they only receive top-level bonuses from those 2 or 3 carriers. That is why they almost always recommend annuities from those same carriers for EVERY case agents bring to them. Not because it is the best annuity for the client, but because it makes the marketing company more money.  Not at TWH. We hold top contracts with ALL the carriers, so we ALWAYS recommend the best annuity for the client.  This means that your clients will get the very best in growth, liquidity, crediting methods, or lifetime income payouts.  You won’t ever find out later that there was a better annuity to fit their needs, but it was not recommended.  Call us and let us show you which is the very best annuity for your case.

~ Greg Skogsberg

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