Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, and Ken Fisher… ALL Hate Index Annuities

How do you handle the objection when a potential client mentions that some financial “expert” they heard on the radio or saw on TV warned them to stay away from index annuities?

Explain that it is illegal to charge ongoing management fees on index annuities.

Explain that it is illegal to charge ongoing management fees on index annuities.  Then add that Ken Fisher, DaveRamsey, and every other financial expert that puts down index annuities ALL make their living charging fees to manage client money.  That is the ONLY reason these “experts” hate index annuities—because they can’t make any money off of them.  If every client in the world put their money into index annuities, these“experts” would go out of business. 


Yes, index annuities have surrender fees—but only for early withdrawals in excess of 10%!  The fees are actually there for our own protection, and to show that the insurance companies are on the hook for some significant investments that back up the safe growth of our annuity investment.  If any client isn’t sure they can stay in the annuity contract for the entire surrender period, THAN DON’TPUT THEM INTO THAT CONTRACT.  As long as we stick to this level of planning, the surrender fees never even come into play.  Plus, always keep in mind that terminal illness, nursing home confinement, chronic illness, etc.all can trigger surrender‐free withdrawals if need be.

Announcing the IndexAlyzer!

There is a brand new tool available only through TWHand 4 other agencies in the world!  This revolutionary new tool instantly compares EVERY crediting method available from EVERY carrier on the market.  No more hunting and calling multiple carriers in order to determine who has the very best crediting method fora given case.  Now, we can run a live analysis for you in under a minute and show you apples‐to‐apples comparisons so that you—and your clients—know that you are choosing the very best of the best in crediting methods.  And, we can also connect you with your own subscription to the analysis information for as little as$25 per month—only available through TWHAnnuities!  Call us to learn more: 800‐200‐9194

Give Online E‐Apps a Try…and Earn $100!

For a limited time, we are offering an extra $100 to any agent willing to try submitting business via E‐application for the first time (on index annuities over$50,000).  It’s quick, painless, and—believe it or not—FUN!  Don’t worry, if you have problems just give us a call and we’ll get you any help you need. So, give it a try…and pocket an extra $100!  You will be glad you did. 

www.twhagency.com Is Getting an Overhaul!

Our website has slowly been dying for a couple of months now.  We had initially hired a web designer to help us move to a new web platform that would give us more capabilities, tools, updates, and things to help our agents… but the project failed! So, we are back to square one, and are moving as fast as possible to get back to having a website that we can be proud of again. Once complete, the new site will have new agent tools, application portals, and training & marketing videos.

Until then, just give us a call: 800‐200‐9194

~ Greg Skogsberg

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