Reasons Our Top Advisors Contact Their Clients at Christmas Time

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Here is a statistic that might help support my case

90% of our top advisors contact all of their clients around Christmas. 

Sadly the percentage is MUCH lower amongst advisors that are not on the “top advisors” list.

Is this the reason they are Top Advisors? 

Does reaching out to clients during the holidays catapult your business to great heights?  Well…yes, and no.

Top advisors realize that there are many opportunities throughout the year to stay in touch with clients, and they take advantage of them.  Opportunities like; holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and policy renewal periods.  Each of these times is another chance to remind your clients how much you care about them and their loved ones—as well as to remind them again what a great decision it was to involve you in their retirement or financial planning.  So spend a few dollars to send your clients a holiday wish, and I guarantee you will get responses—and new opportunities for finding more business.  Call us if you need some ideas.

Today’s Index Annuities are Not Victims to Market Crashes, Inflation, Politics, etc.

Many advisors have asked what we think will happen to the index annuity market if ________ happens.  From inflation, to military actions, to elections, to interest rates…many people are worried that negative outcomes in one or more of these areas could cause index annuities to stop being super-safe amazing financial retirement investments.  The answer is, “No—index annuities will not be affected by any of those…or ANY other event or development that would have a negative effect on our overall economy or the “Wall Street” stock markets.”  Index annuities are insulated from all of that!  But, they weren’t a few years ago. 

In the old days—as recently as five years ago—index annuities had two problems they don’t have any more.

#1. Annuities used to be closely tied to the 10-year Treasury interest rates.

When 10-year Treasury rates went down, so did the crediting power within index annuities.  Those days are gone, and now we see index annuity rates go up even when the 10-year Treasury rates go down

#2. Today all of the best crediting methods use indexes that have volatility control features.

These allow for crediting methods to increase or decrease the amount of profit participation that can be generated—and this can be done daily, or even HOURLY!  This is a gigantic reason that index annuities are no longer victims of external forces that can cause traditional indexes like the “Wall Street” indexes to crash.  The older index annuities had a set cap rate and no moving parts through the entire year-long crediting period—compared to today’s volatility-controlled crediting indexes that re-balance the profit crediting power continuously.

Give me a call if you would like to talk a bit more, or have any questions.

~ Greg Skogsberg


From all of us at TWH, Thank you for your friendship, partnership, and for choosing us as your FMO.  We cherish our relationship with each and every advisor we work with.    

Happy Holidays!

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