We Just Added Another Carrier!

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Why do we represent more carriers than any other FMO? Because each one fits a specific need within the market. Do you have a 96-year-old client that wants to buy an index annuity? There’s only 1 carrier. Have a client in Nevada who needs their husband to sign the application for her using a Power of Attorney? There’s only one carrier. The list goes on and on. We maintain top-level contracts with dozens of carriers because we want you to be able to help as many clients as possible with their financial and retirement needs. So, if there is an annuity or life policy available to fit your clients’ needs, and we don’t have a contract…we’ll get one. It is just another reason why we are The #1 Concierge FMO.

A+ Rated Carrier Still Offering Better Rate Class…More Benefit for Less Money!

Well over a year ago one of the top carriers in our industry ran a temporary underwriting special—offering to bump up clients whose health class rating came in at “Standard.” These clients got an upgrade to “Preferred,” which meant they would receive a much higher death benefit on their life insurance, for the same amount of premium. Or they could get the same amount of death benefit for a much lower premium.

Well…the “temporary” special offer is still going! Make sure and check with us for your next life insurance case, and we will run the quote and show just how much more bang for the buck your clients can get. But don’t wait too long. This special promotion could end at any time.

Why You Should NOT Show Clients The Very Best Index Returns

There are index annuities available today with crediting methods that illustrate with historical returns well over 20%-year average gains! Can you imagine? 20+% every year, for 10 years?!?! WOW!

Here’s the problem though…If we show clients an illustration with super-high profits, then that sets an expectation that will likely not be met. Yes, those numbers are impressive, but they represent applying today’s crediting rates to the best 10-year economic period in history. The odds that the next 10 years will match those results are very small. So, let’s not set our clients up for disappointment by showing them profits that are almost certainly not going to be achieved.

We recommend showing clients more conservative profit projections based on more typical economic performance over any 10-year period. There are still annuities with more realistic crediting methods that illustrate projections with double-digit returns. And that is more than enough to make clients feel great about placing money into that particular index annuity. And there is a much higher probability that their own policy will perform more like these more conservative illustrations.

We can offer suggestions on which index crediting methods would be most attractive—without needlessly setting clients’ expectations too high.

New Potential DOL Regulations

You may have heard about the changes being proposed by the Department of Labor regarding IRA funds. They are suggesting several regulations that could make it more difficult for clients to move their IRA funds into annuities. But we have been down this road many times before, and we have been victorious every time. Nothing is certain yet, so don’t worry. We will keep you posted as the matter develops. For now…nothing has changed.

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~ Greg Skogsberg

Click here for a short video about this month's issue

We now have annuity contracts with FORTY-ONE carriers.  More than any other FMO!  And this is just one of the reasons we are The #1 Concierge FMO in America!

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