Sell More by Using a Proven Sales Process

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I use the same sales process on every case I sell and have about a 90% closing record. Maybe it will help you too.

1. I have three goals for the very first meeting with a potential new client: a. Build rapport and learn what the clients are trying/hoping to achieve for their financial future.

b. Determine whether or not I can help them—and tell them that I believe I can help them if I believe I can. But also, let them know if I do not feel I can help them—and why. i. Determining if I can help includes reviewing all their assets, insurance policies, income, spending needs, timelines for retirement, etc.

c. Set a time for the second appointment.

2. After the first appointment, design one to three plans for achieving the desired goal (or goals). The fewer, the better. a. Call us to help with this. We have done case designs for tens of thousands of advisers & clients and can give you the best possible solutions—in a fraction of the time it might take you.

3. At the second appointment, I begin by reviewing the wants, needs, & fears the clients revealed at the first meeting. And I ask for confirmation that the list covers all the bases. If anything, new comes up, we talk through it to make sure it doesn’t change the plan(s) I have designed. If it does change the plan, I reschedule for another day and time, so there is time to adjust the proposal.

a. Then I ask how familiar the clients are with index annuities (or I.U.L., LTC, Term-life, or whatever the proposal will cover). Regardless of how familiar they are, I take the time to do a simple and thorough explanation of the strategy and how it works to meet their goals. I use basic & generic charts, graphs, and numbers—focusing on concept, without making it personal to their own situation.

b. Once I am certain they understand and believe in the concepts, I explain that I chose this strategy because it is the best solution for achieving their goals.

c. Then I show them how the strategy looks with their own personal details: ages, timelines, dollar amounts, etc. i. We talk through EVERYTHING: Guarantees, Projected Potential Growth, Benefits, Riders, Surrender Schedule, Tax Implications, Crediting Methods, etc.

This is for two reasons.

1. To prevent any misconceptions or surprises

2. To overcome most possible objections—before they might come up.

d. If there are needed adjustments, I either run them on the spot or schedule a time to get back together to show them the adjusted proposal.

e. Once the proposal perfectly reflects their wants & needs, I repeat their list of wants, needs, hopes, dreams, fears, etc., and ask how well they feel the proposed strategy fits. If there is anything missing, we talk through it and fix it. Once they are 100% in agreement that the plan covers all the bases, I move on to start the application.

In most cases, I take the application at the second meeting. Occasionally the second meeting uncovers something that requires a need to schedule a third meeting, but this is rare. We can help you increase your own sales by having a set process.

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~ Greg Skogsberg

Click here for a short video about this month's issue

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