What people say about us.

“I have been licensed to practice since 1969 multi-state from California. Have working relationships with several leading FMO's and Wholesalers with reasonable success. However, my experience with THW and especially John Roberts is of a Exceptionally High Integrity pleasure.  John is always reliable for Product recommendations to accoumplish the client's goals and needs. He is always 'spot on' to respond to my professional needs. I consider the TWH staff/team of Exceptional high quality and highly recommend them to any serious Financial Planner. PS. My specialty is Estate Planning”
Peter P.
“I’ve had an excellent relationship with TWH since Tip started his company over twenty years ago. Now with Greg and Ami it continues. Thank you for all of your help with my clients you are always there for me.”
Tony G.
“Very helpful, working with TWH gives us responses in a timely manner.  We appreciate working with their team.”
“No other Annuity IMO will do the research and comparisons that TWH will do. They don’t play favorites like all other IMO’s do to make the bonus’s in detriment to the client. The handling of the paperwork is also greatly appreciated especially when moving money from one carrier to another and never lost a case due to suitability. I make more money with less hassle with TWH, always!”
Phil C.
“When I inherited almost 2oo,ooo dollars from my Mom’s estate, I asked John what should I do? Since I was only 52, John suggested that I put half in Life Settlements which is earning over 10% compounded interest each year and the other half into cash accumulation annuities for some diversification as well. I have access in case of emergencies and a great way to build funding WITHOUT any market risk which is my biggest concern. It was handled from start to finish as beyond smooth, plus I made commissions. Thanks John!”
Dale M.
“John Roberts sold FOR and WITH me over 1.5 million dollars in annuities with several clients and I only came from the health insurance market. I realized through John and TWH that I had a pool of annuity clients in my book of business that I never realized!”
Don P.
“Service above all else is what I look for in those I align myself with. TWH’s benchmark is their service, prompt, efficient, always responsive and courteous.
Greg, Ami and John go beyond empty talk and deliver on the needs I require plus they are really enjoyable to deal with.”
Mal Y.

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