You can offer your clients College Fund Planning.

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TWH Agency is an official broker for the College Funding Strategy.
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Are you talking about what your clients want to talk about?

The top worry of 86% of parents that are in their 40's and early 50's is financial concern in their ability to pay for their child's college. Let your clients know that you can help them with this top concern. Offering your clients College Funding Solutions is much easier than you may think, and leads to multiple Life and Annuity sales.

TWH Agency helped me implement a College Funding Strategy. I continue to sell as normal, but now I am able to sell much more!”
Katharine Smith

If you're not offering College Fund Planning ... You should!

There is absolutely no need to become a college planner to participate. TWH Agency, along with our partners at College Funding Solutions, do all the heavy lifting for you. Both early and late stage college planning is the perfect door-opener and relationship-builder!

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